Become a speaker at the Intersolar & ees Middle East Conference at March 3-5, 2020

As a speaker at the most renowned solar and energy storage conference in the world, you are among the most innovative and knowledgeable solar experts in the world.
The name itself bears a promise to deliver – conference visitors expect a high-quality, always cutting-edge and practically oriented program at every Intersolar and ees Conference. International speakers present best-practice solutions, new technologies and new business models, provide inspiration and prompt engaging discussions.
Intersolar conferences provide solar and energy industries with platforms for sharing information and strategies. In collaboration with speakers, participants and partners, we shape the energy supply of the future. International experts discuss technological trends and market developments, as well as new business models and financing solutions. The Intersolar conference focuses on photovoltaics, energy storage systems and smart energy technologies. We foster transnational knowledge transfer and best practice solutions while also bringing people together in accordance with our motto “Connecting Solar Business.”
The audience is made up of managing directors, investors, project developments and experts all looking for new ideas and ways to implement them.
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Call for Abstracts




Opening Session: Middle East and Solar: Status Quo

Photovoltaic technology is booming and is making its mark across the globe as a cost-effective source of energy. This comes at a time when digitalization is revolutionizing the business of trading and selling energy with blockchain technology. The kick-off session of the conference with prominent figures from the industry will explore the driving forces behind the solar boom and the role played by the MENA region. Experienced and renowned experts will also show what effects the globally changing energy industry may have on the United Arab Emirates.

PV Power Plants in the Middle East Region – Technology, Components, O&M

Complex circumstances mean that there are major challenges facing the operation and maintenance of PV power plants in the MENA region. These come in conjunction with the generally growing requirements and opportunities that have evolved over recent years, from selecting the right technical components and cleaning the modules to monitoring the yields and evaluating the systems. The service offer is becoming ever more varied and comprehensive. This session will explore how to recognize important services, how to reap the greatest benefits of the new opportunities and how to boost yields with adjusted O&M (contracts).

Storage Technology – Global Development and Usage in the Middle East Region

Developments in storage technologies in conjunction with enormous cost savings in production have generated a vast expansion in the possible uses and business models of storage. The electrode materials and electrolytes or technology used can be adapted to suit small or large energy storage solutions. This session highlights the advantages of the individual technologies and presents optimized case studies. Testimonials from the field give honest insight into a varied technology.

The Impact of PV & Storage on Integrated Energy Solutions

Developments in photovoltaic technologies and electrical storage are advancing at a breathtaking pace. Cost reductions are being implemented and digitalization is impacting the basic interaction of the players. Which business models will develop? How can I respond to technical challenges and developments? How can I plan for possible disruption to my business model? How can I integrate the opportunities of energy solutions into my business models?

Renewable Energies and Digitization - the Basis of a New Energy World?

Energy markets all over the world are undergoing fundamental change. Energy suppliers, automobile manufacturers and new players are jostling for space in this budding industry, bringing with them a range of innovative technologies and concepts. Energy storage, electric mobility and charging infrastructure as well as ever-growing digital possibilities are shaping the new energy world. The number of cross-sector collaborations is growing rapidly, and as PV plant operators come together with providers of charging points and energy storage systems, new business models are developing with an eye to the efficient use of the clean power available.