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The Middle East and the Emission-Free Technology Mix

In the Middle East, a region traditionally renowned for its wealth of fossil fuel resources, solar power and other emission-free technologies are increasingly entering the mainstream as investors seek to utilize the region’s climatic conditions. While the accelerating energy transition is sure to pose issues for a region so geared toward fossil fuels, it also offers extensive opportunities. In this session, speakers will analyze how both governments and markets are driving progress toward an entirely renewable-based future and how technologies can be combined to generate powerful synergies.

Identifying Market Leaders and Trends by Segments

This panel discussion will see preeminent figures discuss how best to identify nascent technologies and the market leaders of tomorrow. The session will address the issue of energy efficiency and analyze how best to cope with ever-increasing demand for energy. The MENA region’s first utility-scale solar-plus-storage plant came online in Jordan in 2019 – with more set to follow, the panel will discuss the market viability and scalability of solar plants in the region and examine innovative PV applications with the potential to transform industrial and commercial buildings into small-scale solar power plants.

Energy Storage Game-Changers: Markets, Technologies, and Business Models

Though rarely the subject of media fanfare, energy storage technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years – and with good reason, given the exponential growth in utility-scale plant capacity. Examining an array of technologies in detail, including through specific case studies, this session will consider how the market is shifting and adapting as power generation, distribution, and storage technologies open up new possibilities. Expert speakers will also present emerging technologies, such as solar cooling, which could become vital for one of the world’s warmest regions in future.

Innovation Ahead: EVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, and Smart Grid Solutions

If global emissions targets are to be met, the mobility sector will have to undergo a fundamental transformation. Given the region’s climate and natural resources, the MENA market could be fertile ground for companies offering innovative transport solutions powered by electricity and alternative fuels such as hydrogen. Speakers in this session will also analyze how reliable power grid infrastructure can be ensured throughout the energy transition and the ways in which technologies such as flexible demand-side response can help to create an energy system fit to face future challenges.

Saudi Arabia: Ambitious Plans for a Renewable-Focused Future

The world’s second-most oil-rich country, Saudi Arabia has launched a series of ambitious initiatives and projects in recent years in a bid to reduce its fossil fuel dependency. The Vision 2030 program includes US$200 billion of investment to create 60GW of renewable energy by 2030, while radical plans for the new city of Neom include various innovative, networked, green technologies. This session will also examine megaprojects such as a new, sustainable tourist destination by the Red Sea and King Abdullah Economic City, a new, eco-conscious city aimed at driving investment to the Kingdom.