Middle East Energy 2022

Become a speaker at the Intersolar & ees Middle East Conference on March 7–9, 2023

As a speaker at the most renowned solar and energy storage conference in the world, you are among the most innovative and knowledgeable solar experts in the world.

The name itself bears a promise to deliver – conference visitors expect a high-quality, always cutting-edge and practically oriented program at every Intersolar and ees Conference. International speakers present best-practice solutions, new technologies and new business models, provide inspiration and prompt engaging discussions.

Intersolar and ees conferences provide solar and energy industries with platforms for sharing information and strategies. In collaboration with speakers, participants and partners, we shape the energy supply of the future. International experts discuss technological trends and market developments, as well as new business models and financing solutions. The Intersolar conference focuses on photovoltaics, energy storage systems and smart energy technologies. We foster transnational knowledge transfer and best practice solutions while also bringing people together in accordance with our motto “Connecting Solar Business.”

The audience is made up of managing directors, investors, project developments and experts all looking for new ideas and ways to implement them.

Submission deadline for abstracts is February 2, 2023.

Call for Abstracts


The energy industry is evolving, and MEE is here to guide you through it. With over 40 years of empowering growth in the region, at Middle East Energy, we know connectivity is key. That’s why we’re offering you the avenues to meet the providers and discover the insight you need to develop a clean energy strategy, find the solution to fit your project or build your energy business.

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Green Hydrogen: A Ride through Vision, Strategy and Policy Making

What are the political and regulatory framework conditions? How are governments managing the transformation from the natural gas to the hydrogen economy? What role does hydrogen play in the decarbonization of the energy industry? Use cases.  How can oil & gas use hydrogen as an opportunity, e.g. for repurposing infrastructure? Which role can international cooperations, e.g. with Europe, play to boost the development of green hydrogen in the region.EU and Japan could work as good case studies on green hydrogen.

Green Hydrogen: Tech Up-Date - Producing, Transporting, Distributing, Using

What does it take to make green hydrogen the sustainable fuel of the future from a certification and technical point? What projects are running currently?  Where should the generation capacities for green hydrogen be and what is the estimate of price and market for the future?  Which role does waste to hydrogen play? How can green molecules be produced and shipped to local and world markets? We assess implemented projects, real cases, pilot projects and separate the hype from the reality.

Renewable Energy: Redefining the Energy Transition

Is 2022 the inflection point for the energy transition? The trends to be discussed: oil and gas prices, energy demand, falling renewable energy prices, deflationary power prices and discussions on stranded assets.  How will investment flows change given the situation? How can renewable energy take the lead in the energy transition? Is it time for a new paradigm? Get your policy and regulatory up-date and find suitable business models and applications in the region.

Renewable Energy: Project Assessments and Best Case Studies in MENA

MENA is a market estimated to be worth more than $20 billion until 20204, according to the MESIA (Middle East Solar Industry Association). MENA’s solar sector is poised to witness further growth and continue on its upward trajectory. The regions utility-scale projects are among the most competitive worldwide. Distributed solar projects are gaining momentum. We are going beyond technical aspects and evaluating the latest technologies. Find out the drivers and enablers.

Renewable Energy: Supply Chain and Special Climate Conditions

Get a solid market up-date. In focus: post Covid-19 recovery, pricing landscape – forecasting – future procurements, tech update focus on desert environment, supply chain developments, digitalization and carbon reporting.

Energy Storage: Behind the Meter - Drivers, enablers and Investment Opportunities

What are the drivers, enablers and alternatives to battery storage deployment behind the meter? Is the energy storage market creating enough investment opportunities and energy storage solutions pace the way towards smart cities? What are promissing business models, applications and pilot projects. How can Energy as a Service (EaaS) be utilized?

Electric Vehicles in the New Energy World: Market Trends

The automotive and transport sectors have a key role to play in efforts to create a sustainable future - that much is clear. However, it is essential that the shift to eMobility is not viewed in isolation but rather as part of an integral societal shift with wide-reaching implications. As EV acceptance grows, demand for electricity will rise and consumption patterns will shift significantly. We will examine the nexus between eMobility and topics such as battery storage and sector coupling, examining methods of leveraging eMobility to support efficient and reliable grid operation.