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Prof. Dr. Ayman Al-Maaitah

Prof. Dr. Ayman Al-Maaitah
Job Title
Managing Director
Wahaj Solar
United Arab Emirates

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and an Inventor. Founder and Managing Director of Wahaj Solar in Dubai. Obtained his Ph.D. & M.Sc. form VA Tech in USA 1985-1989. Vice President of the American University of Madaba 2012-2015 and Acting President in 2011. Dean of Engineering at Mu’tah University 2007-2009. Winner of the American AEE Award for innovative project in 2015. Winner of the Golden Prize of Emirates Energy Award 2013. Declared as UNDP expert on Renewable Energy. Decorated with Al-Husain Medal for distinguished Achievements of the First Degree in 2014 by H.M. King Abdullah II. NASA research Associate 1989-1990. Inventor with 16 patents registered in the US, 32 European Union Countries, Australia, China and GCC. More than 100 publication on Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Thermal Fluids systems, Hydro Dynamic Stability, Non-Linear Vibration, and Applied Mathematics. Interpower; founder of Millennium Energy System since 2002, CEO of Renewables at Precision Industries-Dubai, currently General Manager and Partner at Wahaj Investment-Dubai. Executed many pioneering projects in Solar Energy locally and internationally.