Maria Flouda

Job Title
Founder and Managing Consultant
Sustainability Switch Consultancy

Maria is an unwavering advocate for sustainability, harnessing her 22 years expertise in ESG frameworks to spearhead transformative change within industries like construction, real estate ,energy and the investment and services sectors. With an unwavering commitment to guiding cross-sector corporate clients and SMEs towards achieving net zero and ensuring social sustainability compliance, Maria is a driving force in the journey towards a greener future.
As the visionary founder of "Sustainability Switch Consultancy," she has solidified her position as a leading woman solopreneur, empowering organizations to align their sustainability agenda with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond her consultancy work, Maria actively contributes to the non-profit organization "Lean In Equity and Sustainability" as Board Co-Chair and Sustainability Chair, empowering women in the energy transition and advocating for a more inclusive industry.
Maria's impressive academic background complements her extensive professional experience, as she holds both a UK Master's and Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and has acquired sustainability expertise from Cambridge University (CISL). Her 22-year international journey in corporate strategy and project operations includes the successful implementation of numerous large-scale projects and government initiatives, solidifying her reputation as a seasoned leader in her field.
Recognized as an authority in the realm of sustainability, Maria is highly sought after as a keynote speaker at renowned conferences focusing on sustainability, ESG, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her captivating presence and deep knowledge inspire audiences while providing practical insights into tackling climate change challenges. Maria also conducts executive-level workshops, delving into various climate change subjects, empowering participants to take action and drive meaningful impact. Leveraging her wealth of expertise, she has published numerous articles that serve as beacons of knowledge, inspiring and educating others on the path to a sustainable future.
As a thought leader, innovator, and influencer, Maria's contributions to cross sector industry decarbonization are paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future. Her unwavering dedication, combined with her remarkable ability to connect with diverse audiences, makes her an indispensable voice in shaping the energy transition discourse.

April 18, 2024Panel: Hydrogen: Markets & Policies

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