Intersolar Middle East

September 25-27, 2017
Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE


Session Details

Workshop: Getting the Best from PV in the Middle East: The Role of Utilities and the Question of Long-term PV Reliability in Harsh Environments

Monday, September 19, 2016

11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC) Jebel Ali A&B

Workshop Partner: IEA-PVPS & Solar United

Part 1: The Role of Utilities in PV Development in the MENA region While PV is poised to develop fast in the MENA region in the coming months and years, the question of how utilities are and will be involved in the development of PV is essential. From rooftop applications to utility-scale plants, the session will explore how traditional utilities could play a major role in MENA PV development and how PV developers are closing the gap with these utilities.

Part 2: From Local Manufacturing to Quality Enhancement, a Local and Global Industry Challenge The more the PV industry becomes global, the more it requires local expertise. Desert environments represent a challenge for the PV industry, in terms of reliability and manufacturing. What is therefore the role local PV companies can play, together with global actors to ensure a sustainable PV development in the MENA region. This session will look at climate specifics and highlight how local manufacturing can provide the market with ad hoc components.

Workshop is free of charge. Registration required.

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September 19, 2016